Life evolves.

In the Napoleon era, traditional rules and a strong sense of hierarchy gave way to the addition of new thought and the old Regime’s fleurs-de-lys was replaced with the symbol of a single bee. The small, industrial and social creature was admired for its organized and productive place in society. It immediately became one of the most important symbols of the power and prestige of Napoleon’s empire.

Create your hive.

Kerri pairs classic pieces with exquisite contemporary materials in an imaginative fashion, presenting palettes ranging from gentle to vibrant. Sophisticated decorative elements are often placed against a vibrant backdrop of color, creating a unique, layered experience in each space – always with a touch of glamour.

Reap the honey.

From creating thoughtful “moments” within a room, to cascading light and vibrant energy into an entire home, whatever stage of life or lifestyle, Kerri’s clients are assured that their surrounding environment captures the essence of their personality and compliments the lifestyle they lead, today.

Busy as a bee.

Inspired by maintaining the charm and dignity of the past amid a contemporary world, Kerri Zaldastani’s signature “Old World Chic” aesthetic combines casual elegance with depth, and an air of romance. She expertly blends contemporary furnishings with the rich addition of antiques, juxtaposing modern art pieces with whimsical touches to reflect her clients’ personalities and lifestyles.