About Iron Bee Interiors

Kerri Zaldastani is the principal and founder of Iron Bee Interior Design. During the past two decades, she has amassed a dedicated following of clients that appreciate her ability to refresh and refine their space to reflect the evolving changes in life. Known for her signature “Old World Chic” aesthetic, Kerri juxtaposes old and new – interweaving textures, colors and whimsical elements that capture the imagination. Her resulting spaces inspire, comfort and relax.

Kerri’s design capabilities range from sprinkling special touches and placing perfect decorative elements in a room to fully re-mastering homes.  Her lifelong penchant for design turned into a business in the early 1990’s. A degreed engineer from University of Texas at Austin, Kerri’s discerning perspective is complemented by her understanding of space and scale. Her investment banking background in New York provides the expertise it takes to run a business.


“Kerri was such a pleasure to work with when I needed to transition from my Pacific Heights home to an apartment in Nob Hill.  She helped me re-create my new home with her skills in placement, color, space and scale.  Kerri and her wonderful team re-invented two rooms to meet my family’s needs in record time.” ~ Lorre Erlick

“Kerri has great style, but what sets her apart from other designers is her willingness to advocate for her client, and not settle for things that aren’t quite right. Kerri sees a project through to perfection!” ~ Tina Moghadam

“Having absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with an entire house…Kerri presented me with all sorts of creative ideas. She made all those ideas come to life and my house is now a gorgeous home. Kerri also worked with my daughter to create a fun color-filled bedroom with unique tables and chairs. She knows where to find the most amazing things…for all tastes! Kerri is creative and energetic and so easy to work with. She is committed to making every detail perfect!” ~ Beth Maly

“Kerri has a unique talent with color. She sees things that others don’t and can find the perfect match amidst the dizzying sea of alternatives.” ~ Melinda Ellis Evers

“Kerri has an excellent sense of texture and color which she blends in just the right way to deliver the style you’re after. I’m always sorry when my projects are over because working with Kerri is so much fun!” ~ Dana Vernon